Purser Trainer provides specialised world class online and onboard training for Superyacht Pursers. Their aim is to provide Pursers with a wealth of knowledge and understanding to effectively perform duties on-board and fully meet the requirements of this demanding Superyacht role.    

Da Gama Maritime was established by professional mariners who wanted to make a difference to the industry through a number of areas.  Focusing on navigation management and on board crew training the company initially worked solely with Superyachts but over the years this has broadened from small day boats to commercial ships as well as private islands.

Passionate about enhancing safety at sea they use their experience to discuss the most cost effective options available to you in respect to navigation management and firefighting.  

Founded in 2007 Helidecks was formed to provide tailor-made aviation services to the Superyacht industry. Well established as the leading Superyacht aviation company  Helidecks were the first company to deliver MCA accredited helideck team training.  

Today, the company provides a large range consultancy services for superyacht aviation including – helicopter integration, helicopter procurement, embarked operations, safety management and crew training. Our multiple teams of highly experienced aviation experts are ready to offer our full range of services anywhere in the world.

KDW Training provides world class hospitality and interior team training.  Our experience has shown that by working in familiar surroundings, the interior team can focus on recognising strengths in their overall abilities and fine tuning all other important aspects of their roles.  We look at streamlining the challenges faced by the team and devising solutions specific to that particular vessel, all the while building confidence and inspiring the highest standards of service and attention to detail. 

Powerboat Training UK was founded in 2000 and is run by Paul Glatzel. Back in 2006 we set up the first yacht (MY Kogo) to become a RYA Training Centre producing the yachts SOPs for PW operation and training the crew as RYA PW Instructors. As the scheme has grown to encompass over 500 registered yachts we have stayed at the heart of this scheme and train on many yachts each year.

As a RYA Training Centre we can run a range of onboard practical powerboat, PW and theory courses in addition to reviewing and enhancing SOPs to ensure safe tender operations. We also have considerable experience of post incident investigation with regards to tenders and PWs and can produce reports that identify the cause of incidents and make recommendations to prevent re-occurrence.

Safeguard Helidecks are an accredited Aviation Inspection Body for the Red Ensign group and offer a range of services to support yacht helideck operations.  This includes working with design teams at the very early stages of planning a Helicopter Landing Area to ensure that the finished superyacht will have a helideck that is compliant and can be awarded its Helicopter Landing Area Certificate (HLAC).  

Safeguard Helidecks also advise on alterations and modifications to existing superyachts that may impact on the helideck area.

Harnessing the learning power of Video and Technology, Clear Blue Sky Video have become world leaders in the provision of bespoke video training resources for the yachting industry.

As yachts and procedures become more complex, it makes perfect sense to use the best tools available to enhance the on board training regime. In an increasingly technical and visually informed world, targeted training videos are now accepted as a major part of the safety training toolbox.

Orchid Risk is an independent global risk consultancy specialising in Maritime Security and Training Solutions. Orchid have a well-established maritime security capability to help super yacht crew, managers and owners understand and manage the risks and opportunities associated with operating in complex environments.

 We provide practical assistance from safety and security training to armed transit protection and support.

Our combination of services, geographical reach and the trust our clients place in us, ensures we can provide effective solutions to a wide range of problems. Enhancing crew, guest and owners safety and security. 

MRS Training & Rescue was established in the turn of the 20th Century with the remit of supplying rescue services to those working in hazardous conditions. With a wealth of experience in hazardous environments, the company has expanded and diversified to meet the needs of today’s health and safety market. Leveraging their expertise, MRS has branched out from a focused rescue service into providing unique health and safety training, rescue and consultancy services to a wide range of industries across the world.

With a focus on Confined Space and Working at Height, MRS Training & Rescue has been supporting the Maritime and Superyacht sector providing expert tuition and guidance to safeguard seafarers working in hazardous environments onboard.

OceanWave Monaco was founded in 2017 to provide a range of onboard galley and food related training and consultancy services.  These include all levels of food safety training, galley operating procedures and fresh water safety.   OceanWave can also supply STCW Elementary First aid and refresher training in addition to accredited Ships Cook Assistant.

Our whole ethos is to make training informative, memorable and fun!  Wherever you are in the world, we fit in with you and your schedule to enable the continued smooth running of your yacht.

Crew- Glue has been specifically designed for the Superyacht Industry by qualified experts in the field of high performance team development and leadership training.

We provide crews with the tools that enable them to work together to achieve to their fullest potential whilst learning about themselves and others. The results? Peak performance, delivery of exceptional service, safer working environments and robust communications systems.

We work both within the yachting industry and Luxury Hospitality sector to help reduce crew / staff turnover in highly pressurised environments.

Virtual Reality training can save precious time by allowing you to introduce the crew to complex onboard systems while your superyacht is still under construction. With its expertise in VR, AR and 3D technologies, Anchor-VR can create a bespoke training solution to fit your needs and simulate any Standard Operating Procedure you want. Whether it’s best practices training in a VR environment or conditioning crews with interactive worst-case scenarios, we can help.

Since Virtual Reality training is inherently immersive and demands active and immediate responses, it boosts engagement, sharpens trainees’ focus and stimulates interest. VR training improves knowledge retention, too, by breaking through standard learning modals so crew members can both visualize and actualize their experiences. Aside from improving team spirit and leadership skills, VR training serves to reduce the risk of injuries to crew and mitigates the risk of damage to expensive equipment.

Romeo Foxtrot is an intelligence and security company that focuses on providing discreet and sustainable risk management solutions. We believe in delivering a solution that at its heart, secures your information and assets, but is delivered in a sustainable manner that is tailored to how you operate. We don’t use ‘off the shelf’ solutions; every organisation is as unique as the people that comprise it and we reflect that in the way we do business. Our extensive experience in managing threats resulting from vulnerabilities in the human element underpins how we approach security; we use the experience gained from years of collecting and analysing military intelligence from human sources, so we know all too well how an organisation’s people can be used against it. We combine this unique skill with conventional security risk management to produce a service that provides you with a comprehensive security solution or can just as easily be used to enhance your existing security measures.

Providing World Class On-Board Superyacht Training